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Interested in starting an Auxiliary in your area?

If you are up for the challenge and rewards that come with starting a new auxiliary in your area, we would love to help make that happen. Please reach out to National 1st Vice President and Outreach Coordinator Jodi Wallace at (541) 663-6966

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Amarillo, Texas Holiday Party

If you are in the Amarillo Texas area the local auxiliary is having a holiday party and making some exciting plans for 2020. Come be a part of an amazing group of railroad families!!

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Ruth Pillman Windham – 1923 -2017

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of Sister Ruth Pillman Windham.    Sister Ruth served as Grand International President to the then Grand International Auxiliary to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers (GIA), now known as the BLET Auxiliary, from 1996-2001. She played a major role in the transformation of the GIA,…

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Scholarship Donations

A new page entitled Scholarship Donations has been added to the BLET Auxiliary website. The page can be found in the drop-down list under the heading “Scholarships” in the banner on the home page, or by clicking Here . For now, donations can be made by check or money order. We are currently working on…

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2013-2014 BLET Auxiliary & IWC Scholarship Recipients From National Secretary Lawana W. Poss

Melanie Wilmesher, daughter of James and Kay Wilmesher, Kay is a Member-at- Large and James is Chairman of Colorado State Legislative Board and a member of Division 256.  Melanie is attending Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. Rachel McWilliams, daughter of Rob and Kathy McWilliams, Member-at-Large, Rob belongs to BLET Division 126.  She is attending…

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All you need to do is ask

Since the very beginning of the Auxiliary back in 1887, part of the reason we came into being was in support of the BLE, now BLET.  As the times have changed, so have the ways in which we exercise that support. Our members have tackled many issues, including extreme cab temperatures, fatigue, inadequate or untenable housing conditions, dangers of…

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You never know if tomorrow may come

With the on-duty rail fatality rates up in 2008 and in the first quarter of 2009, there have already been seven (7), now is the time to make sure that you and your railroad spouse have all of your important paperwork in order and within arm’s reach.             One can never have enough information on hand in case…

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It’s never too soon to be prepared

A few years ago, I was moved by an impassioned speech given at one of our Regional Convention Auxiliary meetings.  Kathie Bailey-Todd, only a couple of weeks following the tragic death of her husband, G. Y. Bailey, thought it important enough to make the trip to Oklahoma City to make sure everyone understood that you never…

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Your PAC Contributions make a difference

BLET Political Action Committee (PAC) There are a number of citizens across the country who believe we should not have to give money to politicians’ re-election campaigns in order to have better access to them.  Unfortunately, until major league reforms are put into place, that’s the reality of the world we live in.  When we help re-elect those who…

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