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Interested in starting an Auxiliary in your area?

If you are up for the challenge and rewards that come with starting a new auxiliary in your area, we would love to help make that happen. Please reach out to National 1st Vice President and Outreach Coordinator Jodi Wallace at (541) 663-6966

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Amarillo, Texas Holiday Party

If you are in the Amarillo Texas area the local auxiliary is having a holiday party and making some exciting plans for 2020. Come be a part of an amazing group of railroad families!!

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S.525 National Right To Work Act Introduced in the US Senate

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on February 14, 2019, introduced for the 4th time a Federal Right to Work bill in the US Senate.  Bill S.525 is a one-page bill that, on the heels of the Janus v. AFSCME decision, would make paying union dues elective for employees who would still be receiving the same union-negotiated wages and benefits…

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A Spouse’s Sanity

By Dacia Arnold One question often comes up when Railroad wives are gathered together: “How do you keep your sanity?” With the nature of the railroad, the non-RR spouse often—and for extended amounts of time— is left to face life on their own. Daily, we wait by the phone, scrolling social media and see the…

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Starting a new Auxiliary in Springfield Missouri.

If you are in or if you have friends or Family in the Springfield Mo area and you or they would be interested in Joining the newly forming Auxiliary there they have started a Facebook page to answer any questions you might have about joining a Local Auxiliary.

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Check it out we have two new Auxiliaries in Oregon.

On Friday, January 11th we Organized our first Oregon Auxiliary BLET Eastern Oregon #362 Auxiliary in La Grande, OR. Dinner was hosted by Paul Bovarnick of Rose, Senders and Bovarnick. We had Guest Speakers Paul Bovarnick, Steve Leyshon General Chairman WRGCA, Sereena Hogan Past National President BLET Auxiliary. Sunday, January 13th we Organized our second…

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Holidays With a RailRoader

(Source: So it is one of my favorite past times every year to explain our family Christmas situation to everyone. For those with family down the street, it could be easier. But for those traveling for the holidays farther than 2 hours, it gets pretty sticky. Railroad women are a rare animal that solo-parent…

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