Scholarship Donations

A new page entitled Scholarship Donations has been added to the BLET Auxiliary website. The page can be found in the drop-down list under the heading “Scholarships” in the banner on the home page, or by clicking Here . For now, donations can be made by check or money order. We are currently working on…

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National BLET Auxiliary and IWC Scholarships due April 1st!

The BLET Auxiliary offers $1,000 scholarships annually to help the children of BLET and Auxiliary members realize their goals in life. Applicants must have one parent who has been a member of the BLET Auxiliary for at least one year, and the other parent must be a member of the BLET for at least one…

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2013-2014 BLET Auxiliary & IWC Scholarship Recipients From National Secretary Lawana W. Poss

Melanie Wilmesher, daughter of James and Kay Wilmesher, Kay is a Member-at- Large and James is Chairman of Colorado State Legislative Board and a member of Division 256.  Melanie is attending Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. Rachel McWilliams, daughter of Rob and Kathy McWilliams, Member-at-Large, Rob belongs to BLET Division 126.  She is attending…

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