Voter apathy is a hard thing to overcome, but the BLET National Auxiliary is spearheading a challenge for the upcoming 2020 election to inspire and promote participation.

To promote activism from now until November 3, 2020, we have organized a challenge to get everyone involved. The rewards will be well worth your hard work, aside from the pride and satisfaction you get from being involved and making a difference. For those who register to participate, all will receive a removable vinyl sticker that reads: "Every Vote Counts - 2020." Additional stickers can be purchased for $3.00 each to cover the cost and mailing.

The Challenge will run from February 17, 2020, until November 3, 2020. All entries must be received by 08:00 A.M. PST on November 3, 2020, to be eligible to win. Drawing will take place on November 3, 2020. Awards will be given for the successful completion of each level. Entries for the drawing for the grand prizes are eligible for those who successfully complete all three levels.

Level Up -
Like a video game, you will start at level one and work your way up. The tasks begin somewhat easy and can be accomplished relatively quickly, but as you "level up" to #2 and #3, things start to get more complicated. Each level, the prizes also become much more enticing. The harder you work, the better the awards become! These activities are not restricted to the Presidential or National Congressional (House and Senate) races, but also apply to ballot races at the state and local levels.

Level #1

1. Share the "Every Vote Counts" challenge on any social media platform such as Facebook, or Instagram tagging, five friends including the BLET National Auxiliary, with the #BLETAuxEveryVoteCounts hashtag.

2. Put your removable bumper sticker on your vehicle, telling everyone you think “Every Vote Counts”. The first sticker is free, but more can be obtained for family and friends from the National Auxiliary. Post under the #BLETAuxMyVoteCounts and provide a selfie of you with it.

3. Obtain a yard sign for the candidate(s) you wish to support. Put the signs in your yard or on your property. Posters can be obtained from candidates for neighbors and friends as well. Provide a selfie with your candidate's sign and the hashtag #BLETAuxEveryVoteCounts

4. Contact your federal members of Congress via phone, email, or letter to advise them of our positions on current railroad issues. We have composed letters that you can use as templates for these letters. (Two Person Crews, Blocked Crossings, Train Length, etc.) Post a selfie holding a sign with the hashtag #BLETAuxMyVoiceMatters

Stay tuned for next levels!