Election of National Officers

3rd Quadrennial Convention

of the BLET Auxiliary

September 30 – October 3, 2018

Rio Hotel & Convention Center

Las Vegas, Nevada


Election of National Officers


At each Quadrennial Convention, elections are held for the Auxiliary National Officer positions. Each officer, with the exception of the National Secretary and the National Treasurer, serves a four-year term. The term for the National Secretary and the National Treasurer is eight years. Because the duties of the Secretary and Treasurer are closely intertwined, the eight-year terms for these positions overlap one another by four years, so that we will always have an officer in place who is familiar with the finances of the organization. At the 2014 Convention, we elected a new National Treasurer, Terri Fleming, and her term will end in 2022. Election for the office of National Secretary will be held at this year’s Convention.


A nominee for any office other than National President must be a full member of the Auxiliary for at least two continuous years. Associate members are not eligible to run for office. A nominee for the office of National President must have served at least one full four-year term as an elected officer of the BLET Auxiliary Executive Council, which consists of National President, National 1st Vice President/National Outreach Coordinator, National 2nd Vice President/National Legislative Representative, National Secretary, and National Treasurer. Candidates for all national officer positions must be available to travel on behalf of the National Auxiliary, must reside within the Continental United States, and must have access to e-mail and be responsible for checking it on a regular basis. Each national officer is responsible for writing articles for the BLET Auxiliary News and for the BLET National Division’s monthly and quarterly publications when assigned to do so by the National President.


Members of the BLET Auxiliary Executive Council are compensated a nominal monthly salary for performing their duties, as outlined in the National Bylaws, Article II, Section 11, on page 11. The remaining officer positions are non-compensated; however, expenses, including those for assigned travel, are reimbursed.


For a more in-depth description of the duties of each national officer, please refer to the National Bylaws, Article II, Duties and Compensation of National Officers. If you are thinking of running for a position as a National Officer of the BLET Auxiliary, please read carefully the duties required of that position and give serious consideration as to whether or not you are able and willing to fulfill the requirements of the position.


The following is a listing of all of the positions to be elected at the upcoming Annual Convention:


National President

National 1stVice President/National Organizer

National Secretary

National 2ndVice President/National Legislative Representative

National 3rdVice President/Assistant National Legislative Representative

National Chaplain

Alternate National Secretary

Alternate National Treasurer