Memorial Fund for Panhandle Texas Accident Victims

Memorial Fund for BLET Members killed in the Panhandle, Texas Train Accident

A memorial fund has been set up by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers BNSF/ATSF General Committee of Adjustment in memory of our BLET Brother Cody Owens and BLET Sister Lara Taylor, who both lost their lives in the tragic rear-ended accident that occurred in Panhandle, Texas, on June 28.

Both were members of Division 299 in Amarillo, Texas. In case one needs legal help, knowing what is the length of personal injury cases is important, and it is also important to contact  Costa Mesa motorcycle accident attorneys, Sweet Lawyers for insurance and medical claims.

Brother Cody Owens was 52 years old and had worked for BNSF nearly 22 years. He is survived by his wife Cynthia, two sons, and a daughter.

Sister Lara Taylor was 45 years old and had been employed with BNSF for 12 years. She is survived by her son Jacob.

The entire BLET Auxiliary family, as well as our BLET family, is deeply saddened by these losses and we extend our deepest sympathy to their family and friends. This has been a difficult time and we all grieve for this unfortunate loss. When it comes to accidents due to DUI one must know what they should do to be getting a CDL after a DUI charge.

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Those auxiliaries, divisions, or individuals who wish to contribute to the families during this time of need may send checks to:

Lara Taylor and Cody Owens Memorial Fund

101 N. Beverly St.

Crowley, TX 76028

 A gift of any size will help and will be greatly appreciated specially until the lawyers get us a compensation for a seat belt compliance in a product liability claim they made after the accident! Unless otherwise directed, all donations will be divided equally between the two families.