3rd Quadrennial Convention

of the BLET Auxiliary

October 1-3, 2018

Rio Hotel & Convention Center

Las Vegas, Nevada

(Delegate Registration September 30)


The 3rd Quadrennial Convention of the BLET Auxiliary will be held this fall, from September 30 - October 3, 2018, at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Convention Center, 3700 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. The proceedings that take place at these conventions are referred to as the “General Session” of the BLET Auxiliary.


At the General Session, we elect our national officers and make any necessary amendments to our Constitution and Bylaws and the forms used by the Auxiliary. As stated in our Constitution, in Article VII: "The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at any BLET Auxiliary Convention, provided previous notice of the amendment was distributed to all local auxiliaries and members-at-large, at least thirty days prior to BLET Auxiliary Convention, or by referendum vote of all full members.” All members-at-large and members of local auxiliaries are encouraged to review the Constitution and Bylaws in the months preceding the convention, with the intent of proposing possible changes that they feel would improve our organization or make it run more smoothly. This is also the time when “housekeeping” changes can be made to correct any grammar errors or wording that may be incorrect in the current Constitution and Bylaws. For instructions on the proper format for composing a resolution, seeHow to Submit a Resolution.


The delegates who are in attendance to represent their local auxiliaries, as well as the delegates who represent our members-at-large, will vote on each resolution that is submitted to the Secretary of the National Auxiliary by the deadline for submission, which is 60 days prior to the opening of the General Session (for this convention, that date is August 2, 2018). Our National Secretary, Helen Brand, organizes, photocopies, and distributes the resolutions by mail to all delegates in August. Delegates should review the resolutions with their auxiliary members at their August or September meeting to receive any instructions their auxiliary members may have as to how they wish to have their delegate vote on each resolution.


Once the National Chaplain officially opens the General Session, each of our current national officers gives a report on her activities over the last four years. Most of the rest of the time spent in the General Session involves addressing the resolutions that are submitted prior to the convention, as well as those that are presented after the General Session has begun. Resolutions submitted by the submission deadline are read aloud at the convention and acted upon at that time. During the proceedings, it sometimes becomes necessary to submit additional resolutions. Those resolutions require two readings aloud at the General Session before they can be voted upon.


The delegates to the national convention elect the national officers for the next term. These officers serve for the term set forth in our bylaws, which is currently four years, with the exception of the Secretary and Treasurer who serve eight-year terms that overlap one another. This is to ensure that at least one officer who is familiar with Auxiliary finances is in office at all times. At the upcoming convention, the office of National Secretary will be up for election.


Currently, our bylaws state that in order to run for a national office, other than the office of National President, a candidate must be a member of the Auxiliary for no less than two years. To run for National President, a candidate must have served at least one term on the Executive Council (1st Vice President/National Outreach Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, and 2nd Vice President/National Legislative Representative). Those who nominate a member for office are allowed to speak before the delegation for three minutes on behalf of the nominee. Members who have a desire to run for national office are encouraged to bring information for distribution to the delegates as to their experience, interest, and desire to run for a particular office.


Auxiliary members who are in attendance at the convention but are not elected delegates, as well as other guests who are interested in the BLET Auxiliary, are welcome to attend the General Session. However, in accordance with parliamentary procedure guidelines, only elected delegates and national officers may participate in floor debates during the General Session. If members wish to express their opinions, an open forum may be provided during breaks from the official General Session to accommodate them. For those members who may not wish to speak before the entire delegation, you may choose to pass along your concern or idea to a delegate or national officer during breaks from the General Session. That delegate or national officer can bring your ideas before the body on your behalf. The concerns and/or recommendations of our members are important to us, so we encourage those in attendance to please bring them to our attention.