BLET Auxiliary Alternate National Secretary


My husband Steve Surchik is an engineer for CN Railroad, he also is the local chairmen for BLET Division 163.  Steve and I have been married for 24 years, and we have a 32-year-old daughter Hollie.  As a family, we have rescued and homed  43 cats...rescued 2 dogs and a duck from the city.  We currently have 3 large dogs, 4 cats, 12 chickens.  Our family loves Animals and CrossFit.   I am the president of the Twin Ports Auxiliary 6388 since its establishment in 2014.  I work as a rural mail carrier and have been employed by the Us Postal Service for 14.5 years. I currently was the president of WIRLCA Superior District ( our union ) and prior to that, I serviced as the Vice President.  I was a delegate to the National Convention in Las Vegas and was elected alternate Secretary.  I have a strong union background and I am very involved with my Auxiliary, I look forward to bringing my knowledge and working hard for the National Auxiliary.