National 3rd Vice President / Assistant National Legislative Representative

Rachael Grimes

Rachael Grimes ~ National 3rd Vice President / Assistant National Legislative Representative

My name is Rachael Grimes and I have been involved with the auxiliary for eight years. My husband, Dave Grimes, works out of Boone, Iowa, as an engineer and 1st Vice Chairman of his local division #6. I have been working on legislative issues since I first started a local auxiliary in Boone in 2006. Diving in head first, I voluntarily went to our state capital and lobbied for many issues that affect our railroaders, their families, and our communities. I have also testified in front of senate committees in my state. I was appointed by BLET Auxiliary National Past President Becky Schneider to the position of Auxiliary State Legislative Representative for the state of Iowa in 2008.

In 2008, I received the Special Recognition for my volunteer work by Dawn’s List, a democratic activist women’s network similar to Emily’s List. I was also recruited to run for the Iowa State House of Representatives in 2012; I respectfully declined. I love being involved, but I still have children at home and, at this point in my life, I want to have the time to focus on my family.

I have four children, ages 24, 22, 10, and 9. I work full-time as a one-on-one paraprofessional in the special education room at Colo-NESCO Community School District. I stay busy with my children’s after-school activities. Although my work and personal life schedule is very full, I am still committed to work relentlessly on behalf of all railroaders, their families, and the communities that surround the railroads.

Rachael Grimes
P.O. Box 93
McCallisburg, Iowa 50154
(515) 231-3436