BLET Auxiliary National 3rd Vice President / Assistant National Legislative Representitive


Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, I moved to El Paso, Texas in 1979.  Coming from a railroad family, my grandparents, and great aunt and uncle all retired from the AT&SF, albeit from the management side.  After he retired, my grandfather engrained a love of trains in us by rounding up the grandkids every Saturday morning and taking us down to the depot so we could watch the trains and he could catch up with old friends.  My parents, Martha Ruth and Doug Moreland while not railroaders were members of the Texas Panhandle Railroad Historical Society that restored the Madam Queen 5000, and Mom is still a member-at-large.

In 1990, Larry and I were married and we’ve managed to survive his retirement from the former SP (he really disliked UP and the way they ran a railroad), maybe because I’m still working.  When he first met my grandmother, he told her he was a locomotive engineer, and she said: “Oh, you’re the right kind of engineer.”  We have two, two-legged children, Maricel and Larry, Jr., two grandkids, Dahlia and Emilio, and two, four-legged furry babies, Benjamin Bentley and Penny Lane (golden retrievers).

I joined the GIA to BLE in 1997, prior to the Southwest Regional Convention in El Paso, Texas that year.  I figured if I was going to be the GIA Convention Chair, I should at least be a member.  In 1998, National Treasurer Terri Fleming and I among others were Charter members in the organization of El Paso Area Auxiliary 591.  In 2000, I was appointed by Ruth Windham to fill the vacancy of 2nd VP/NLR and had the rare privilege of working with the Railroad Coalition lobbying for Railroad Retirement Reform.  I say rare because the coalition was made up of all but one rail labor union, retirees represented by NARVRE, and the major railroad carriers.  The chances of that happening again are pretty slim.  I was elected to the position of 1st VP/NLR in September 2001 and served a 5-year term.  In 2006, I was elected National President of the newly named BLET Auxiliary and served until 2010.

I have to say the best job I’ve ever had was not because of the monetary compensation, but rather the job satisfaction.  Having the privilege of serving the Auxiliary as National Legislative Representative got me involved in the world of politics and I learned the importance of fighting for our causes.  It taught me that one person can make a difference.  I believe I still have the ability to contribute to the National Auxiliary and the BLET in the legislative arena which is why I ran for the office of 3rd Vice President/Assistant National Legislative Rep.  I look forward to working with everyone, especially Jessica, over the next four years.

In Sisterhood and Fraternally,