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Please join us in contacting your state's Legislative Representatives that affect all railroaders, their families and the communities that we operate through.  Currently the railroads are fighting to remove an essential employee from the locomotive cab of all trains that operate through our communities. Please click on our example letter below.  Please print it out,  fill it out and send it to the elected officials in your state either by email or USPS.  Make them understand the importance to the safety of all railroaders as well as the general public in the communities they operate through.  

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October 10 through October 13, 2022


Patience and caring during the holiday season by Mary Anna Mullins. Chaplain Grand International Auxiliary

By Admin | December 1, 2005

As a young person growing up in the country, my father’s work permitted him to always be home every night and all holidays. I attended school in town, and crossed…

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Working to Preserve Everything We’re Thankful For by Pat Murphy, 2nd Vice President/Asst. US National Legislative Rep. Grand International Auxiliary

By Admin | November 1, 2005

If you have been reading the articles that have preceded this one in the GIA Dialogue series, then you already have a good sense of what the GIA is all…

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If it happens all the time, then the problem needs to be fixed by Mabel Grotzinger, Vice President Grand International Auxiliary

By Admin | October 1, 2005

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans.” – John Lennon Life comes at you fast sometimes. My husband and I were planning for retirement a few…

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Advice From a Seasoned GIA Spouse: “Get Involved” By Sereena Hogan, 3rd International Vice President

By Admin | August 1, 2005

In last month’s issue, Mabel Grotzinger did a fine job of outlining the challenges and frustrations involved when your spouse is employed by the railroad. In keeping with Mabel’s promise…

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Just what is the GIA? by Sereena Hogan, 3rd Vice President Grand International Auxiliary

By Admin | September 1, 2004

As an International Officer of the Grand International Auxiliary (GIA), I am frequently asked this question, especially at the annual regional conventions. Perhaps a little history will explain what today’s…

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Confessions of a Former Republican by Becky Schneider

By Admin | June 1, 2004

I have admitted to a few that, yes, because of my conservative upbringing, for most of my life I voted Republican – not straight ticket, but for the most part,…

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In Case of Injury . . . by Mabel Grotzinger, Vice President Grand International Auxiliary

By Admin | October 1, 2003

A few days ago I received a phone call from a GIA friend.  She told me her husband had been hurt on the job.  She said that her husband at first thought…

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Turf Wars in Texas Just the Tip of the Iceberg by Becky Schneider, 1st VP/NLR GIA

By Admin | June 2, 2003

 In a departure from the usual information contained in the GIA section of the Journal, I felt compelled to tell you about some folks down in Texas.  While the incident itself is…

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Going Grassroots To Get the Job Done by Becky Schneider, 1st Vice President/National Legislative Rep. GIA to BLE

By Admin | May 2, 2003

In any fight, the only way to gain support for a cause is from the bottom up.  The more people who know about and support an issue, the broader the base…

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100 Years and Still the Same by Mabel Grotzinger, International 1st Vice President GIA to BLE

By Admin | December 2, 2002

My husband has been a locomotive engineer for 27 years and most of that time he has worked on the road.  All those years of being on the road were hard…

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