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Please join us in contacting your state's Legislative Representatives that affect all railroaders, their families and the communities that we operate through.  Currently the railroads are fighting to remove an essential employee from the locomotive cab of all trains that operate through our communities. Please click on our example letter below.  Please print it out,  fill it out and send it to the elected officials in your state either by email or USPS.  Make them understand the importance to the safety of all railroaders as well as the general public in the communities they operate through.  

Two Man Crew Letter

4th Quadrennial Convention of the BLET Auxiliary in Las Vegas, Nevada

October 10 through October 13, 2022


Every Vote Counts in 2020 Challenge

By Kathleen Bisbikis | February 17, 2020

The BLET National Auxiliary is spearheading a challenge for the upcoming 2020 Election to inspire and promote voter participation.

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Primary Registration Deadlines

By Admin | February 11, 2020

The 2020 US primary elections are upon us. If you aren’t registered, you can’t vote. Typically, the three ways you can register are online, by mail, or in person. A few…

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Teamster Made Girl Scout Cookies

By Admin | February 7, 2020

Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Shortbread Trefoils – yum! What is your favorite girl scout cookie? There are only two bakery factories in the US that make and bake the famous girl…

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Help Celebrate our newest Auxiliary

By Admin | January 2, 2020

Come join our celebration on January 25, 2020, when our newest BLET Auxiliary becomes official. RSVP by January 19, 2020 if possible at See you there!

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Interested in starting an Auxiliary in your area?

By Admin | October 31, 2019

If you are up for the challenge and rewards that come with starting a new auxiliary in your area, we would love to help make that happen. Please reach out…

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Amarillo, Texas Holiday Party

By Admin | October 30, 2019

If you are in the Amarillo Texas area the local auxiliary is having a holiday party and making some exciting plans for 2020. Come be a part of an amazing…

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Bench dedicated to local motor bike enthusiast two years after his death

By Jodi Wallace | May 23, 2019

(Source: 05/22/2019) By Beatriz Reyna  NORTH PLATTE, Neb. KNOP He had a love for his family, dirt bikes and fast cars, I gave him the best amazon bike seat for his…

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S.525 National Right To Work Act Introduced in the US Senate

By Kathleen Bisbikis | February 21, 2019

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on February 14, 2019, introduced for the 4th time a Federal Right to Work bill in the US Senate.  Bill S.525 is a one-page bill that, on…

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Starting a new Auxiliary in Springfield Missouri.

By Jodi Wallace | February 4, 2019

If you are in or if you have friends or Family in the Springfield Mo area and you or they would be interested in Joining the newly forming Auxiliary there…

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HB19-1034 Minimum Two-person Crew On Freight Trains

By Jodi Wallace | January 24, 2019

(Source: Colorado General Assembly) Concerning a requirement that a common carrier engaged in the transportation of property by railroad have at least two crew members aboard a freight train while…

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