Teamster Made Girl Scout Cookies

Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Shortbread Trefoils – yum! What is your favorite girl scout cookie?

There are only two bakery factories in the US that make and bake the famous girl scout cookies – the Interbake Foods bakery in North Sioux City, SD and the Little Brownie Bakers bakery in Louisville, KY – and Teamster members work at both.

“We’ve represented the warehouse, shipping/receiving and bakery machine maintenance workers at Interbake Foods for at least the past 20 years,” says Kim Quick, President of Teamsters Local 554 in Sioux City, SD

“Bakers, line operators, mixers, forklift drivers, stackers, wrappers, caramel mixers and mechanics are some of the many job classifications we represent at Little Brownie Bakers,” says John Stovall, President of Teamsters Local Union 783, which has represented the bakery employees for over 20 years.

Girl Scout cookie sales are seasonal, but fortunately, that season is going on right now! All of the proceeds from Girl Scout Cookie sales stay local and provide financing for field trips, community services and the other activities girl scouts partake in to help girls thrive throughout childhood and adulthood. Find locations to buy cookies here to support Teamster jobs and Girl Scouts of the USA: 🍪