ALERT–ALERT–The Countdown is ON! – Tomorrow (May 16, 2016) is the deadline to file public comments in support of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to require a minimum crew size of two persons, except in extremely limited circumstances .

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You just need to click on one of the highlighted areas (File Comments), and fill in the comments section. If you have a personal experience or story in support of the FRA two-person crew rule, here’s your chance to share it. Or, if you wish, you may add your name and simply cut and paste the following statement in the comment section:

The safe operation of trains is vital to commerce and public safety. I support the FRA efforts to keep no less than two certified employees on freight and passenger trains.

National studies have shown that having multiple on-board crew members has broad safety benefits. While advancements in automated technology such as Positive Train Control (PTC) systems improve railroad safety, they were not intended to be – nor are an adequate substitution for – a professional certified train crew of two. Having another set of eyes and additional experience to address unexpected problems is critical and minimizes the risk of accidents due to distractions, fatigue, and unforeseen circumstances.

The deadline is May 16th!

CLICK and FILE COMMENTS NOW – They need to know!!