Your PAC Contributions make a difference

BLET Political Action Committee (PAC)

There are a number of citizens across the country who believe we should not have to give money to politicians’ re-election campaigns in order to have better access to them.  Unfortunately, until major league reforms are put into place, that’s the reality of the world we live in.  When we help re-elect those who are willing to support our issues, BLET members have a much better chance of seeing the changes for the better with regard to workplace safety and promotion of quality of life issues.

When a BLET member signs up to give contributions to the BLET PAC, it’s not just the BLET members who benefit.  Their spouses and families also benefit from the union’s ability to see our friends hold elected office, not just at the National level, but also the State level.  As Auxiliary members and spouses, perhaps we can take a moment to examine our budgets to see if there is any wiggle room allowing a donation to the PAC.  While the larger the monthly donation, the better the ability our organization has to help those who can help us, but every dollar counts.  Your Division Legislative Representatives should have PAC applications available, or you can contact your Division Secretary-Treasurer to sign up.

Please think about the difference we can help make and, if your family is not already contributed to the PAC fund, we encourage you to check out the advantages and the importance of doing so.